Kait & Mike, in-home lifestyle engagement session | 120mm & 35mm film

I'm more then sure I'm not the only one who fills a lot more awkward then required when I visit someones home for a first time. You are entering someone else's territory and naturally you cautiously trying to blend in. So why am I telling you this? Kait & Mike's place felt like home from the first cup of water) They've invested so much love and time in their home so you literally feel it in every pillow, book, shelf and even bowl. And, oh my, I just fell in love with their baby dog! This little fellow was so cooperative, I had to stop myself and remind that I came their to photograph Kait and Mike. 


This year so far has been so kind to me! All people that I've met and photographed were the most kindhearted, loving and thoughtful. Thank you to everyone around me, I feel so much love and joy. 

Canon 1v, 50mm 1.2

Pentax 645n, FA 75mm 2.8

Kodak Portra 400 & 800

Canadian Film Lab http://canadianfilmlab.com/