I adore the beauty of every wedding, finding my creativity in each couple's love for one another.

Hey there!

I'm Rita, and I'm beyond excited that you're considering me as your wedding photographer! Based in the wonderful city of Toronto, I specialize in capturing beautiful moments from weddings, events, and those heartwarming family gatherings. Photography has been my passion since 2011 when it evolved from a hobby into an irresistible love affair.

My style is all about blending the art of storytelling with a touch of elegance. I'm a firm believer in the power of candid moments, capturing the genuine laughter, tears, kisses, and warm hugs that make your day truly magical. But I also adore creating stunning portraits with a fine art touch, using both digital and film to ensure you have those perfectly composed, timeless memories. Each wedding is a unique tapestry of love, and it's my absolute joy to find inspiration in the beautiful connection between you and your partner.

I live for those unscripted, heartfelt moments brimming with joy, passion, and laughter. I want to help you preserve those precious emotions so you can relive them with your grandchildren someday. Trust me, the best moments are the ones that can't be recreated—the genuine, infectious laughter shared between two people deeply in love. And that's exactly how I want to capture your wedding day.

Oh, and let me tell you about my style! I love creating light and airy pictures with a dreamy, ethereal feel. The sun is like my partner in crime, providing that perfect, soft lighting for the most enchanting images.

I truly hope you've fallen in love with what you've seen so far. It would be an absolute honour for me to be part of your unique wedding journey. So, let's connect and make some incredible memories together!

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