How far in advance do you book weddings?

I typically book weddings 9-14 months in advance.

How many images will we receive?

Every wedding and couple is different, so I never quote a specific number of images. My deliverables typically range from 500-800 unique and edited images that completely and succinctly tell your wedding narrative.

Where are you located? Do you travel to shoot a wedding? 

I'm based near Toronto, ON in a little but very cute town of Newmarket.

And yes, yes & yes!! I love travelling and shooting a wedding in a new place would be just amazing! Please don’t hesitate to inquire with me even if you aren’t getting married in Toronto! No matter if you’re getting married in Canada, USA, Italy, or anywhere else, I’d love to be your photographer!

What's the difference between having one or two photographers at our wedding?

Having a second photographer at your wedding allows us to be in more places at one time, especially in the morning when both partners are getting ready at the same time at two different locations. Two photographers are able to photograph more candid moments and have more vantage points during the ceremony and reception. It adds another perspective to your narrative. I know that it's not for everyone; half of my weddings have only one photographer because it better aligns with the couples' priorities and works best for their schedule.

Do you shoot film? and what digital cameras are you using?

Yes, I do! I shoot with both digital Sony A7RIV & A7IV cameras and film cameras including my Pentax 645n and Canon 1V. 

Why should we have an engagement session?

I consider the engagement sessions a huge part of the experience to get to know the clients. I get to know you much better as a couple, which helps me craft better what I do for you at your wedding.

When do we get our digital wedding images and what can we do with them? 

After your wedding, I will cull, process, and package everything within three months. Once done, we will set up a meeting to deliver a beautiful wedding package, as well as online access to your gallery. The digital images will be on USB and have a release for reproduction. You may copy or duplicate the digital images, do so for personal use only, print upon or within any medium, and do so without alteration to the images.

What happens if your equipment fails while shooting our wedding? Or after? What then?

I am dedicated to being prepared for any possibility at your wedding. I can't predict when something will fail, but I can be ready with extra cameras, redundant cards, a plethora of lenses, as well as other necessary gear to continue without interruption. Even after the wedding, I will store your wedding images in multiple places to prevent loss. 

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

The way I view it, no one can control the weather so it's nothing to be upset about. Instead, I look at whatever weather we're given as an opportunity to create beautiful photographs in that medium - rain, snow, candlelight or sunshine. I understand that being wet and cold may not be fun, but I know ways to avoid that while still getting cute shots outdoors.

We found some awesome pictures on Pinterest and want to know if we can recreate those same shots?

Pinterest, as well as other online sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even Google image search, offer a fast way to gather ideas for your wedding. However, those professional photos you find are copyrighted images of another photographer. I won't copy those images out of respect for the other creative people involved with that event. Instead, we can review these images with you and use them as inspiration for your wedding. That way, we can do something new no one else has done while ensuring it's unique to you.

What happens if you get sick or are unable to photograph our wedding?

Though I make every effort to ensure my commitments go as planned, life could have other ideas. Should there become a situation where something unpredicted happens, I belong to a select group of professional photographers who back each other up. Essentially, you will have an amazing photographer and a worry-free experience at your wedding!

have more questions?

Feel free to message me, and I'll get back as soon as possible.